Best resources on kotlin coroutines?

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<hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>kevinherron: <pre><p>This: <a href=""></a></p></pre>spork_king: <pre><p>I use the <a href="">coroutines guide</a> quite a bit and find that really helpful. </p> <p>Roman Elizarov (coroutines project lead) gave two talks at KotlinConf 2017 on coroutines. Spend 2 hours to watch these and you&#39;ll have a better understanding of what they do and how they work under the covers. I thought I understood them before attending these sessions, and I really learned a lot. Totally changed my understanding. </p> <ul> <li><p>Part 1: <a href="">Introduction to Coroutines</a>.</p></li> <li><p>Part 2: <a href="">Deep Dives into Coroutines on JVM</a>.</p></li> </ul> <p>The #coroutines channel on <a href="">Kotlin Slack</a> is active and helpful. Project members and heavy users hang out there and provide useful advice when asked.</p></pre>Mulrian: <pre><p>Aside from the guide already posted, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> is also quite good to give some background.</p></pre>balefrost: <pre><p>I&#39;ve messed around with them a bit; if you have concrete questions, I might be able to answer.</p></pre>
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