Using Sequence<T> from Java.

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<p>I have an API built in Kotlin and I am testing out the Java interop story, but have run into issues with the <code>Sequence&lt;T&gt;</code> type.</p> <p>The Kotlin API has a function that returns <code>Sequence&lt;T&gt;</code>, and generally when implementing the function under Kotlin, you&#39;d do something like:</p> <pre><code>override fun next(): Sequence&lt;Instruction&lt;T&gt;&gt; = buildSequence { while (true) { yield(this@BaseInstructionGenerator.generateRandomInstruction()) } } </code></pre> <p>However -- if implementing the function in Java -- I am unsure how to return a <code>Sequence&lt;T&gt;</code>. I can&#39;t seem to find any documentation on this, and I can&#39;t find a way to convert some other type (e.g. <code>Iterable&lt;T&gt;</code>) to <code>Sequence&lt;T&gt;</code>.</p> <p>Does anyone know how this can be achieved? If it is not possible, then I will simply change the Kotlin API to return an <code>Iterable&lt;T&gt;</code>.</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>hpernpeintner: <pre><p>Could asSequence help you here? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p></pre>QshelTier: <pre><p>Hmm. Judging from the Kotlin source code, <code>kotlin.sequences.Sequence</code> is a plain interface with an <code>iterator()</code> method. You shouldn’t have any problems using that (i.e. implementing it) from Java.</p></pre>
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