Kotlin without Java knowledge?

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<p>I&#39;ve learned some Python (automatetheboringstuff.com) but that&#39;s all my programming experience. The tutorials i find online seem to assume previous Java knowledge... Are there any good Kotlin tutorials for people like me or do I just have to suck it up and learn Java first?</p> <hr/>**评论:**<br/><br/>hpernpeintner: <pre><p>Allthough they did a really great job hiding the bad parts of java, java legacy is the answer to many questions that naturally arise when using kotlin. Since java is obviously closer to the jvm bytecode than kotlin, it is always an advantage to know java and jvm stuff. Additionally, if you understand what java equivalent is produced by a kotlin Feature, you have a better understanding of the overall platform, your program and so on. If you don&#39;t Want to gain such a complete knowledge, than learning kotlin first is okay, but i don&#39;t have good tutorials for this purpose, sorry :)</p></pre>brandn17: <pre><p>For non-android development I can&#39;t say as much, but if that&#39;s what you&#39;re goal is it&#39;s definitely really easy to go straight into Kotlin. For all of the udacity tutorials I did, I&#39;d take the first exercise of the lesson and then turn it into to Kotlin code (there&#39;s an option for this on Android Studio), then work on that first file through the rest of the lesson. It&#39;s really easy to translate once you get into it a little. I am graduating soon so I have a little bit of experience with other languages from class/ side projects. All in all, I definitely prefer Kotlin to Java but to each his own. Try it out and if the lack of documentation is a problem for you then by all means just learn Java first. Good luck and remember that any language has a learning curve, debugging shotty code is the best way to really learn a language. </p> <p>A master programmer has failed more than a beginner has tried.. or something along those lines </p></pre>BRAAComp: <pre><p>I always recommend total newbies to start with Java but I don&#39;t think that this is necessary for people with basic knowledge in programming. IMHO: You can start with Kotlin and learn the necessary Java bits on the way. Knowing Java and its problems is just a nice-to-have skill, that helps you to understand the design decisions behind Kotlin and make it easier to use Java libraries.</p></pre>recursiveG: <pre><p>Udemy has some good beginner Kotlin courses. <a href="https://www.udemy.com/kotlin-course/" rel="nofollow">Here</a> is one I found by just googling &#34;learn programming with kotlin&#34;.</p> <p>Honestly, this may be an unpopular opinion but I&#39;ll say it anyway. Learn what you feel passionate about. When you actually run into an issue or bug in your code that requires you to have that underlying Java knowledge you&#39;ll be able to do some hunting on Stack Overflow and Google to find the solution.</p> <p>As more and more issues like that come up you&#39;ll learn a lot about Java just from fixing them. Thats my 2 cents.</p></pre>
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